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Ackime Snow is a New York-based Photographer and Director whose personal work uses his subjects as a reflection of himself. As a toddler, Ackime immigrated to the USA from Jamaica. Ackime uses vignettes from his past to influence his artistic style. As a first generation Jamaican-American, his formative years were heavily influenced by his identity as a Jamaican national and what it means to be a New Yorker; a juxtaposition that plays a big role in the work he creates. Nostalgic, seemingly mundane activities from his youth are much of what influences him today. Often hinting to the viewer that things aren’t always as they seem, Ackime will often subtly manipulate parts of the photo or video altering the perceived reality of what’s being shown. His commercial and editorial work follows this same narrative; often adding his touch to the creative briefs, while still fulfilling the client’s objectives.

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